LIFE is a gathering of the next generation Alliance family that will experience God and expand His Kingdom locally and globally.


Each student gets the opportunity to make a lasting impact on Central Florida residents by serving the local community. They will get to share Jesus’ love, compassion, and kindness through the service of thousands of Alliance Youth!


The prayer experience is carefully designed to help students and leaders interact with God in a variety of creative, yet simple ways. It is designed to feel like walking into God’s home where you’ll find Him eager to embrace you, spend some quality time with you, and lead you and your students deeper into the life we have in and with Jesus.


The justice experience will empower students and leaders to join God’s mission in bringing freedom to the captives both locally and globally. This hands-on, interactive experience will awaken you and your students to slavery issues around the world and in your neighborhood. In addition, participants will be equipped to understand what God is calling them to do about it.


Step into the lives of individuals around the world to get a glimpse of what God is doing through people just like you! This experience will give you an opportunity to consider the calling that God has placed on your life and challenge you to take the gospel of Jesus to your own communities.


More than 50 student-focused seminars are planned for LIFE, and most will be offered twice. These are designed to provide practical spiritual support and take students deeper in relationship with Jesus. An additional 12 seminars will be exclusively available for youth leaders. Seminars do not require sign-ups but are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

*Seminars will primarily be delivered in the English language.


Gather with 5000+ others to enter God’s throne room through worship and explore how Jesus is greater than everything. This transforms our identity and sense of belonging and brings purpose.

*We are committed to providing space for attendees who have a difficult time with large crowds, loud noises, and special lighting to participate in the main sessions in a specially designed space.

man playing guitar on stage