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The Basics

What is LIFE Conference?
LIFE Conference is a week-long gathering of thousands of Alliance youth with a focus on Jesus Christ through worship, scripture, service, and community.

Who can attend LIFE Conference?
LIFE Conference is for high school students—anyone who has finished 8th grade through anyone who has just graduated as of July 2019. Each group is also required to bring one adult chaperone for every seven students. In addition, volunteer workers are needed to serve in various roles distinct from chaperoning student groups. Learn more on the Volunteer Workers page.

Where is LIFE Conference 2019?
LIFE Conference 2019 will be held at the Orlando World Center Marriott located at:
8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

When is LIFE Conference 2019?
The conference begins on Tuesday, July 9, with check-in opening at 2:00pm, dinner at 5:00pm, and the doors opening for the first session at 6:00pm. The conference concludes on Saturday, July 13, with the final session ending at 9:00pm.

Why is LIFE Conference 2019?
The fourfold purpose of LIFE Conference is to
  • Glorify God in worship, word, and community 
  • Expose God’s heart for the lost 
  • Introduce Jesus Christ into the whole life of each student 
  • Inspire students to join the global Alliance family 
You can download a printable "Conference Overview" to share with students, parents, or church leaders from the Resources page.


How do I register my group?
It’s easier than ever to register your group. Visit the Registration page for step-by-step instructions.

Is registration deposit refundable?
No. The $150 per person deposit is not refundable.

Is registration transferable?
Yes. Feel free to transfer a registration from one student to another new student within your group. You can do this yourself using the your private cloud folder which will be accessible after registering your group.

Can I register just a few students now, then more later?
Yes. Register your group with however many attendees you already have confirmed. Feel free to add more attendees later as they confirm.

How do I add additional attendees later?
To add additional attendees, simply pay their $150 deposit using the “Add Attendees” button on the Registration page then add the additional attendees names and other information to your attendee list in your private cloud folder that will be accessible after registering your group.


What does registration cost?
You have several options depending on when you register and which Meal Plan you choose:
Premiere Registration (Sep 4 - Oct 31 )
Meal Plan 1 - $475
Meal Plan 2 - $415
Early Registration (Nov 1 - Mar 31)
Meal Plan 1 - $495
Meal Plan 2 - $435
Regular Registration (Apr 1 - May 31)
Meal Plan 1 - $525
Meal Plan 2 - $465
Late Registration (Jun 1 and after)
Registration after June 1, 2019 will be available only if space allows. Don't wait!

Do I have to pay a deposit? 
A $150 non-refundable deposit per person is due at the time of registration. The balance will be due at the close of registration on May 31, 2019. A $200 non-refundable deposit per room is due to the hotel at the time of booking.

When is the final payment due?
The balance will be due at the close of registration on May 31, 2019.

What does registration get me?
Your conference registration fee includes:
  • all Main Stage sessions
  • access to your choice of Seminars throughout the week
  • Service Project transportation, lunch, and supplies
  • access to all Activity Halls
  • the Prayer Experience
  • the Justice Experience
  • the Meal Plan of your choice
  • access to on site amenities including swimming pools, water slides, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, running track, etc

What other costs should I account for?
Expenses that will vary by group and are not included in your conference registration fee include:
  • travel to the conference 
  • lodging while at the conference 
  • food not included in your selected Meal Plan (e.g. breakfasts, meals en route, etc.) 
  • conference merchandise (shirts, hats, books, etc.) 
  • the 5K Glow Run
  • costs associated with pre or post-conference excursions you may plan on your own

How do I estimate our total expenses?
Every group's expenses will be unique based on how far you travel, your means of travel (bus, plane, camel, etc.), how many meals you need to buy while traveling, group tee shirts, and dozens of other details. Visit the Resources page to download an Excel file that will help you estimate your group's total expenses.

How do I do fundraising?
Check with your District Youth Team and other congregations in your region for creative ideas. We also recommend TeamSend (available via the Resource page) as a useful fundraising platform.

How do I make additional payments?
To make additional payments with your VISA or MasterCard after the initial deposit, simply return to the Registration page and click the “Make Additional Payment” button. The balance will be due at the close of registration on May 31, 2019.

Can I pay by check?
If you are unable to use the online registration and payment system to pay with a VISA or MasterCard, please contact us at to make arrangements to pay by check.


Where is lodging? 
The Orlando World Center Marriott is the exclusive hotel for LIFE Conference 2019, offering plenty of rooms for all attendees on site. In order to secure the best rate for all attendees, a $50-per-person penalty will be assessed for those who choose to lodge off site.

How do I book my group’s rooms?
Room reservations must be made through the LIFE Conference registration system and cannot be made prior to registering for the conference. After registering your group, you will receive detailed instructions for booking your rooms. Booking requires a deposit of $200 per room.

How soon can I book my group’s rooms?
After you register your group, we’ll send you a link to reserve rooms. You’ll only be able to reserve as many rooms as correspond to the number of attendees you’ve registered. Room assignments will not be made until late May, so if you add additional attendees who require additional rooms, make sure you reserve additional rooms for those attendees. 

What does lodging cost, and what does it include?
All rooms for the 2019 LIFE Conference are on site at the Orlando World Center Marriott all at the cost of $149 per night per room (plus applicable taxes and fees). A $200 per room deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance will be charged when you check in upon arrival.

What amenities do the rooms offer?
With accommodations for four, each modern and spacious guest room features a mini-fridge, alarm clock radio, in-room safe, hair dryer, built-in charging ports, and a balcony. View sample rooms here.

Can I reserve extra rooms?
No. You can reserve rooms only for the number of people you have registered. If you add more attendees later, you can add more rooms at that time. We’ll assign rooms in late May so that we can put your entire group in proximity to each other.

What if I need special accommodations?
If your church has a rooming policy that requires special arrangements, or you need more than 15 rooms to accommodate your group, please contact us directly at

Can we book extra days before or after the conference?
Yes! You can book lodging at the Marriot up to three nights immediately before the conference (July 6, 7, 8) and up to three nights immediately after the conference (July 14, 15, 16) at the same $149 nightly rate. We thought you might like that.

How do we check in upon arrival at the Marriott?
Upon arrival one (adult) group leader should go to the Marriott front desk to check in and collect room keys for your entire group. Please keep the rest of your group away from the front desk to prevent congestion. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about lodging?
Because of our specially-negotiated rates, Marriott staff and booking agents are not able to assist you. Please contact us directly at for lodging assistance.


What about charter bus parking?
The parking fee for charter busses is $45 per day at the Marriott. Better rates may be available off site. Marriott rooms for bus drivers are available at the LIFE Conference rate. If your group is chartering a bus and will be parking it at the Marriott, please contact before May 31, 2019.
What about church van or personal vehicle parking?
We’ve negotiated on site parking down to half-price for you. It's now around $11 per day, per vehicle. You’re welcome.
How do we get from the airport to the resort?
Transportation from the airport to the resort is your responsibility. The Marriott shuttle service is prohibitively expensive so we negotiated it out of your room rate. For you convenience, several shuttle services have been contracted at discounted LIFE Conference rates:
  • Mears TransportationUse this link to get a discounted rate on shuttle service:
    • about $35 per person (round trip)
  • Hello FloridaContact Nate Kalb at and tell him you're with LIFE Conference to get the following discounted rates:
    • 6-passenger luxury van - $140 (one way, includes tax)
    • 18-passenger mini bus - $352 (one way, includes tax)
    • 50-passenger motor coach - $412 (one way, includes tax)
  • SuperShuttle
  • Dan's Camel ServiceUnique transportation from the airport to many local destinations. Treat your students to an experience they won't soon forget. Limit 475lbs per camel (inclusive of luggage).


What are the meals like?
They're fantastic! All LIFE Conference meals are hot buffet-style meals except Tuesday dinner and your Service Project lunch, which are both hearty boxed-lunch style meals.

When are meals served?
A daily schedule will be available upon arrival in Orlando. In the meantime, you can get a good idea of what to expect by looking over the schedule of the last LIFE Conference. This is available in the “Previous Booklet” found on the Resources page.

What is the difference between the Meal Plans?
In short: Meal Plan 1 is more expensive and includes more meals; Meal Plan 2 is a little less expensive, and includes fewer meals.

  • Meal Plan 1 (view pricing) includes 9 meals: 5 dinners + 4 lunches (including a boxed lunch the day your group is out on a service project)
    • Tues - boxed dinner
    • Wed - buffet lunch & buffet dinner
    • Thur - boxed lunch* & buffet dinner
    • Fri - buffet lunch & buffet dinner
    • Sat - buffet lunch & buffet dinner

  • Meal Plan 2 (view pricing) includes 6 meals: 5 dinners + a boxed lunch the day your group is out on a service project
    • Tues - boxed dinner
    • Wed - buffet dinner
    • Thur - boxed lunch* + buffet dinner
    • Fri - buffet dinner
    • Sat - buffet dinner

Please note if you choose Meal Plan 2, you will be responsible for lunches on your own time and dime. Be advised that there are no off-site restaurants within walking distance of the resort. Expect resort prices ($$$$) and long waits at all of the seven on-site restaurants.

* The boxed lunch is shown here on Thursday for illustrative purposes. Your group's boxed lunch will be provided on whichever day (Wednesday-Saturday) your group is assigned to a Service Project.

What about breakfast?
Breakfast is not offered by LIFE Conference and there is no continental breakfast option offered by the Marriott. In addition to room service, there is a breakfast restaurant and food pantry located on site, but you should expect resort prices and long lines. We recommend serving a light breakfast out of one of your rooms (granola bars, poptarts, juice boxes, etc.).

What do we do about lunch on the day we're out on our service project?
A boxed lunch will be provided for your group on whichever day you are assigned to the Service Project. This lunch is included regardless of which Meal Plan you choose.

What about special dietary needs?
The second step of the registration process will invite you to inform us of special dietary needs for members of your group so that we can accommodate those.


When can/should we arrive?
Check-in for both the conference and the hotel will open at 2:00pm on Tuesday, July 9. Dinner will be served at 5:00pm (both Meal Plans). Doors will open for the first session at 6:00pm. Your group is also welcome to arrive up to three days earlier (see "Lodging").

When should we plan to leave?
The final session will conclude on Saturday July 13 at 9:00pm. Your group is also welcome to stay up to three additional nights after the conference concludes (see "Lodging").

What is the daily schedule?
A daily schedule will be available upon arrival in Orlando. In the meantime, you can get a good idea of what to expect by looking over the schedule of the last LIFE Conference. This is available in the “Previous Booklet” found on the Resources page.

What day is the Service Project?
Due to the large number of attendees at LIFE Conference, we spread ourselves out into the community over four days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Your entire group will serve together on the same day. Your assigned day and service project site will be available upon arrival in Orlando. Check out the Experiences page for the most current information about Service Projects and suggestions how to prepare.


What seminars will be offered?
More than 50 seminars are planned for the 2019 LIFE Conference and most will be offered at two different times during the conference. A listing of seminar names, descriptions, and locations (all in the Marriott) will be available upon arrival in Orlando. In the meantime, you can get a good idea of the type of seminars to expect by looking over the seminars offered at the last LIFE Conference. This is available in the “Previous Booklet” found on the Resources page.

Can I attend any seminar I want?
Mostly. The majority of seminars—at least 40 of them!—are designed specifically for students and open to everyone. You can attend any of those seminars that appeal to you with the only limitation being the capacity of each room. About a dozen additional seminars are for leaders only and will be clearly marked as such. Students will not be admitted to leaders-only seminars.

How do I sign up for seminars?
Seminars do not require sign-up, but are first-come, first-served. Each seminar room has a maximum capacity determined by the Marriott facilities. You should choose a couple seminars that you’d like to attend for each session in case your first-choice seminar fills up before you are seated.

What do the seminars cost?
There is no additional charge for any seminar. They are all included in your registration fee.

When are the seminars?
Seminars are offered each morning and each afternoon throughout the week. A detailed schedule will be available upon arrival in Orlando.

Are seminars live-streamed?
No. Due to contract restrictions, seminars are neither recorded for later viewing nor streamed for off site viewing. This is a hands-on, in-person, live event. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Are seminars available in multiple languages?
Most seminars will be presented only in English. But a small number of seminars will be presented once in English and once in Spanish.

Are seminar resources available for purchase?
Some seminar presenters might offer resources (e.g. books) for sale in their seminar (expect cash-only transactions). Many resources will also be available at the LIFE Conference Store which will be set up in a conspicuous location at the Marriott.

Experiences & Activities

What’s happening for the service projects?
Due to the strong Alliance presence in central Florida, we are thrilled to be working directly with dozens of local organizations to ensure that your service will have the maximum impact. Check out the Experiences page for the most current information about Service Projects.

Will there be a 5K this year?
Oh yeah! And it's going to be held after dark as a Glow Run using the the resort's on site golf course! There is an additional cost per person to participate. Check out the Experiences page for more information.

What’s this I hear about a “Glow Night?”
Come prepared for a glow-rious time at Glow Night on Friday. This huge party will include the 5K Glow Run (for walkers and runners) and a Silent Discglow party (for everyone). Bring you best glow gear!

Will the Activity Halls be open during main sessions?
No. All free-time activities run by LIFE Conference will be closed during main sessions and during the first seminar of each day. However, resort-managed activities (such as the swimming pools) will not be closed during main sessions. It is the responsibility of each group’s chaperones to ensure that students are present in the main sessions.

What's the deal with the swimming pools?
There are three swimming pools on site (plus water slides, and a giant hot tub) with a total capacity of 600+ people. Professional lifeguards are provided by the Marriott.

How do I sign up for sports tournaments?
Sign up for the various sports tournaments when you arrive in Orlando. Sign up will be held in the Activities Hall on Tuesday evening for sand volleyball, soccer, and 3-on-3 basketball. Tournaments will start on Wednesday.

Main Sessions

Will the worship team lead familiar songs?
While we can’t promise that every attendee will be familiar with every song the worship team leads, we are committed to creating an environment conducive to worship. This includes a necessary tension between the familiar and the new, the comfortable and the challenging. The worship team’s role is not to promote themselves or entertain, but to lead us into the presence of God. Check out the Speakers & Artists page to learn more about those who will be leading us in worship and for a video of them leading worship at another conference.

Will accommodations be made for students with sensory sensitivities?
While specific plans are not finalized, we are committed to providing space for attendees who have a difficult time with large crowds and loud noises to participate in main sessions. You may request details of this provision by contact us at

Will accommodations be made for deaf / hard-of-hearing attendees?
While specific plans are not finalized, we are committed to making main sessions, seminars, and discipleship accessible to deaf / hard-of-hearing attendees. You may request details of this provision by contact us at

Facebook Q&A

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