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The Resort

The Orlando World Center Marriott offers amazing on-site amenities such as Falls Oasis Pool, which includes a slide tower featuring two 200-foot winding slides, a 90-foot speed slide, a zero entry pool, a nightly laser light show, an on-site running/walking track, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, and a poolside activities lawn. With over over 400,000 square feet of space for worship, seminars, dining halls, and activities halls, the Orlando World Center Marriott provides the convenience and safety of a single property for all of LIFE Conference!


All rooms for LIFE 2022 are on-site at the Orlando World Center Marriott. Each room costs $154/night (plus applicable taxes and fees). A $200/room non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. The full balance will be charged when you check in upon arrival. The Orlando World Center Marriott is the exclusive hotel for LIFE 2022. To secure the best rate for all attendees, a $50/person penalty will be assessed for those who choose to lodge off-site.

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Meals are included in registration, but the Orlando World Center Marriott also offers several on-site dining options including five restaurants, a cafeteria, room service, and a Starbucks. None of these are included in your conference fee. Expect long waits and resort prices at these locations. Numerous off-site restaurants and off-site grocery stores are within a 15-minute drive of the resort, but please note that none are within walking distance due to the location of several major roads and highways in the area.


Q: How do I book my group’s rooms?
A: Room reservations must be made through the LIFE Conference registration system and cannot be made prior to registering for the conference. After registering your group, you will receive detailed instructions for booking your rooms. Booking requires a deposit of $200 per room.
Q: How soon can I book my group’s rooms?
A: After you register your group, we’ll send you a link to reserve rooms. You’ll only be able to reserve as many rooms that correspond with the number of attendees you’ve registered. Room assignments will not be made until late May, so if you add additional attendees who require additional rooms, make sure you reserve additional rooms for those attendees. 
Q: What amenities do the rooms offer?
A: With accommodations for four, each modern and spacious guest room features a mini-fridge, alarm clock radio, in-room safe, hair dryer, built-in charging ports, and a balcony. View sample rooms here.
Q: Can I reserve extra rooms?
A: No. You can reserve rooms only for the number of people you have registered. If you add more attendees later, you can add more rooms at that time. We’ll assign rooms in late May so that we can put your entire group in proximity to each other.
Q: What if I need special accommodations?
A: If your church has a rooming policy that requires special arrangements or you need more than 15 rooms to accommodate your group, please contact us directly at [email protected].
Q: Can we book extra days before or after the conference?
A: Yes! You can book lodging at the Marriott up to three nights immediately before the conference (July 2, 3, 4) and up to three nights immediately after the conference (July 10, 11, 12) at the same $154 nightly rate. We thought you might like that.
Q: How do we check in upon arrival at the Marriott?
A: Upon arrival, one (adult) group leader should go to the Marriott front desk to check in and collect room keys for your entire group. Please keep the rest of your group away from the front desk to prevent congestion. 
Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about lodging?
A: Because of our specially negotiated rates, Marriott staff and booking agents are not able to assist you. Please contact us directly at [email protected] for lodging assistance.
Q: What are the meals like?

A: They’re fantastic! All LIFE Conference meals are hot, buffet-style meals except Tuesday dinner and your service project lunch, which are both hearty boxed-lunch-style meals.

Q: When are meals served?

A: A daily schedule will be available upon arrival in Orlando. In the meantime, you can get a good idea of what to expect by looking over the schedule of the last LIFE Conference. This is available in the “Leaders Planning Guide” found on the resources page.

Q: What about breakfast?

A: Breakfast is not offered by LIFE Conference, and there is no continental breakfast option offered by the Marriott. In addition to room service, there is a breakfast restaurant and food pantry located on-site, but you should expect resort prices and long lines. We recommend serving a light breakfast out of one of your rooms (granola bars, Pop-Tarts, juice boxes, etc.).

Q: What do we do about lunch on the day we’re out on our service project?

A: A boxed lunch will be provided for your group on whichever day you are assigned to the service project. This lunch is included in registration.

Q: What about special dietary needs?
A: When registering your group, please note any dietary needs in the designated space for your students or adults so we can make the necessary accommodations. If you have dietary needs that don’t fit into a category on the registration, contact [email protected] to have special arrangements made with the caterer.
Q: Is airfare covered for the conference?
A: It is not covered, and groups must arrange their own travel to attend the conference.
Q: Do you have a recommended travel agency?
A: We recommend groups to book with City Express Travel, a Christian travel agency that specializes in airfare for churches and missions groups. Although you can book with your own preferred agency, their 35+ years of knowledge in the travel industry gives them insight on how to find the best flights and airfare for the conference. Learn more on our resources page.
Q: What about charter bus parking?
A: There is an additional fee/day for parking charter buses at the Marriott. Better rates may be available off-site. Marriott rooms for bus drivers are available at the LIFE Conference rate. If your group is chartering a bus and will be parking it at the Marriott, please contact [email protected] before May 31, 2022.
Q: What about church van or personal vehicle parking?
A: We’ve negotiated on-site parking down to half price for you. It’s now around $13/day per vehicle.
Q: How do we get from the airport to the resort?
A: While transportation to and from the airport to the resort is your responsibility, we suggest Mears Connect. Learn more on our resources page.
Q: When can/should we arrive?

A: The conference begins on Tuesday, July 5. Registration opens at 2:00 p.m., and check in for the hotel will begin at 4:00 p.m. Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m., and doors will open for the first session at 6:00 p.m. 

Q: When should we plan to leave?
A: The final session will conclude on Saturday, July 9, at 9:00 p.m. Your group is also welcome to stay up to three additional nights after the conference concludes (see “Lodging”).

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