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Ministry is a calling, not a context. 
—Dan Boal
What is the AY Training Trek?
6 weeks of investment for eternal purpose and a lifetime of transformation. 

The AY TRAINING TREK is specifically designed for youth entering 10th grade through 19 years old, prior to selecting a college, military, or vocational school. For 5 weeks, participants will be traveling across the country to serve different churches and ministries in various cultural contexts. Their spiritual gifts and natural talents will be identified and used to encourage the local church through preaching, drama, music, outreach, service projects, evangelism, and more. This experience will give insight into the beauty and complexity of what it's like to serve God within the Alliance family and the U.S. church.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is this trip going?
Starting in Orlando, FL on June 20, 2021 participants will depart on their ministry road trip that will travel up the east coast! We will partner with churches, camps, and other non-profits to work in real ministry settings. We will wrap up on July 26th and fly (or drive) back home.
Who will be leading the trip?
Along with Director of Alliance Youth Dan Boal, there will be 5-6 male and female adult team leaders. All adults will have completed a background check and gone through an intense discipleship training camp to ensure their readiness to disciple trip participants. 
What will I be doing on the trip?
Training Trek is designed with three specific outcomes:
  1. Help participants know and grow in their spiritual gifts. As a result, some will preach and teach; lead worship; perform dramatic presentations; do manual labor; go on home visits and provide care; engage in relational evangelism; go on prayer walks; work in multi-ethnic, rural, and urban churches; and serve in camp ministry and local outreach. 
  2. Encourage the local church. Each participant will get a chance to enjoy many different local church contexts and participate in a ministry of encouragement to them.  
  3. Help participants gain an understanding of the cultural diversity that is The Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. We will potentially work with Hmong, Vietnamese, Native American, Somali, Korean, Ethiopian, and other non-majority cultures 

Where will we be staying?
On this domestic trip we use local churches, camps, colleges, and host homes as home base for the duration of each site visit. The variety of locations means participants will need a high degree of flexibility. They will be required to bring a sleeping bag and pad as a bed is never guaranteed. If staying in a host home, each family will be required to complete a background check prior to being able to host trip participants. 
What does the fee include?
The individual fee of $3,150 covers lodging, meals, snacks, project supplies, project management, programming, materials, the support crew at each site, two t-shirts, training materials, and all transportation from the trip departure and arrival points. It does not include your transportation to or from Orlando, FL and Columbus, OH. 
What travel documents do I need?
A passport will not be needed as this is a domestic trip only. A state ID card is highly recommended. This can be a driver license or a minor I.D. card. 
Who do I ask if I have more questions?
Give us a quick call and talk to the Alliance Youth Training Trek Coordinator! We are waiting to hear from you at: 719-265-2043 /
Core Values of the Training Trek
  1. JESUS: Every day participants will learn how to be friends with Jesus—and see and know Him throughout all of Scripture. They will know who He is, how to know His heart, and experience His love and power flowing out of them in miraculous ways (John 15:15).
  2. SPIRITUAL FORMATION: Participants will be challenged to know their spiritual gifts and how to use them in all contexts. They will learn how to be servants of the Body of Christ and how to love one another. They will fall in love with the Church and understand why God chose the Church as His plan to bring the gospel to all peoples (Acts 1:8). 
  3. CULTURE: 48 percent of U.S. The Alliance is non-majority culture. This means participants will experience different languages, expressions of worship, food, and histories as each location connects them with the greater Alliance family and its deep heritage, both domestically and internationally (Matthew 28:19). 
  4. FRIENDSHIP: 42 days 24/7. That’s a lot of time with wonderful people. Participants will share high and low experiences and form everlasting bonds of friendship.  
  5. FAITH-FILLED RISKS: When we choose to follow Jesus, we will do things beyond our comfort zones. We will serve Him with great expectation that Jesus will use us for His glory, even if we are scared, challenged, stretched, or prompted by the Holy Spirit in our service to Him. 
At Alliance Youth, our commitment to you is that your son or daughter will be engaged in relevant, effective, challenging ministry, be intentionally discipled in an atmosphere with a spiritual emphasis, and be led by competent, seasoned ministry professionals.



Getting Prepared (video team meetings)

Participants will learn their spiritual gifts and be trained how to use them competently and intentionally. They will forge their friendship, and ministry teams, and be equipped for sending. The MIT may sound intimidating, but don’t let a name put you off. 

The MIT is one of the most important aspects of the Training Trek. The MIT is a challenging, fast-paced environment designed to give Participants the tools they need to be successful on the Training Trek. As a result, Participants and Staff will depart ready to serve. 

  • Spiritually grounded
  • Equipped with ministry tools
  • Bonded as a ministry team
  • Emotionally prepared for the work ahead
  • Ready to immerse themselves in the culture(s) with sensitivity


The domestic ministry (4 weeks)

Once The MIT is finished then the team departs on THE TREK. Each sites specific ministry is determined by the location, the vision of the local pastor or church contact, and the needs of the people. We also continue with our program in ways such as:

  • Personal devotions (1 hour)
  • Discipleship group meeting (following devotions; usually 30-45 minutes)
  • Active outreach (anywhere from 6 to 8+ hours)
  • Team meeting – includes teaching, discussion of quiet time assignment, and ministry follow-up (most evenings 1-2 hours)
  • Worship and prayer (up to an hour)


Bringing it home (3-5 Days)

The Training Trek sets aside time where the Trip Leaders will walk the team through the first practical steps after returning home to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Part of debriefing schedule includes:

  • A few days at a camp or hotel to relax and recover from the time on the road. 
  • A silent retreat to journal and reflect, to look back and see where God worked and how they grew


Leadership Team 

The leadership team is made up of Trip Leaders (Alliance Youth Full-Time Staff and Assistants). The leadership team sets each day’s schedule, arranges the ministry outreach, and interacts daily with the local ministry contacts. The Training Trek’s leadership is made up of qualified ministry professionals, not simply summer staff. 

Trip Leaders 

They are models, teachers, counselors, and mentors to Participants who need to see a solid example of godliness lived out. The Trip Leaders have a profound impact in the life of each student. Therefore, we make sure only experienced and qualified youth workers lead the Training Trek. 

Staff Assistants

Staff are most often (though not limited to) college-age individuals. They spend a week being prepared for the role one week prior to the MIT. The staff are trained to equip, encourage, and challenge each student to go deeper in their walk with Christ.


Alliance Youth is very intentional about making sure that each participant is discipled during the entire trip – beginning at the MIT and continuing throughout debriefing. Therefore, each Staff is assigned 4-8 Participants of the same gender who will be in that discipleship group (d-group) the entire summer.

The discipleship model we work from is life-on-life. That means that the Staff and the leadership team are living, interacting, and ministering alongside partcipants during the summer. Their role is to meet with their group each day after devotions to process through and discuss the daily devotions that were assigned. They are there to listen, talk, and pray through issues, problems, and frustrations that Participants may be having. 


The cost of the TRAINING TREK ($3,150 USD) includes transportation, all meals, laundry, lodging, and use of all ministry training resources. Possible expenses outside of the mission trip costs are: domestic travel (to ministry immersion training and after the summer) and spending money.


Alliance Youth takes the safety and health of each participant seriously. We go to the greatest lengths to ensure that your son or daughter remains healthy, and is safe throughout the trip. We are aware that we work with parents’ greatest treasures, their children. Therefore, no student is allowed to be alone in any city; Alliance Youth always travel in groups of three or more, and whenever possible with a Staff member. If a situation arises that threatens the security of the team, either politically or from environmental conditions, the team will be moved to a stable location. 


We love that we can update you as parents, supporters, family, and friends of the teams’ safe arrivals, and even show you a peek into their trips when photos are sent back to us. Our goal is to keep you updated as time and internet accessibility will allow us for the trip this summer. We will do our best to keep you informed of their safe travels, ministry testimonies, and overall trip happenings.

There are several ways to receive information and updates from our trips while they are at the MIT or on The Trek. 

  1. Follow AyTrainingTrek on Instagram
  2. Subscribe to the Alliance Youth Newsletter. 
  3. Visit 
  4. Follow us on Social Media
  5. Send A Message While on the TRIP.